Unlocking Culture's Promise: The DeKulture Pledge


DeKulture offers you a variety of products handcrafted with love and warmth. From home and lifestyle to kitchen and dining to stationery to music, you name it and we have it handmade, especially for you! Our items are made by hand in India and intended to honour the "imperfect, transient, and unfinished" beauty of the natural world. Our custom pieces are crafted with a combination of time-honoured art and creative intervention as an alternative to traditional luxury. Our value system is centred on redefining lifestyle and promoting human welfare. We revitalise traditional crafts and give craftsmen the tools they need to make necessities for daily life, all in the spirit of a developing India.

 Everyday Lifestyle

DeKulture presents everyday lifestyle in its every product. These products are designed in such a way that they are minimalistic and at the same time revive your home and add an authentic and vintage touch to it. One of the reasons which make dekulture unique is the very fact that we infuse art into everyday things in our lives. We are also inclusive of all types of ancient artwork which makes our products more intriguing and alluring. All your everyday-use products are available at our stores but with an authentic touch which gives your space a vintage look.


 Culture Revival

The products sold by dekulture are designed and crafted in such a way that it provides a platform for a cultural revival. All our products are designed in a traditional way, giving them an authentic and historic look. Through the promotion of artists and their communities in innovative ways, we support long-standing performing arts and crafts that are vital to society. The enormous cultural history of India is being preserved by our efforts to offer craftspeople and artists alternate forms of assistance. We promote cultural variety, ensure personal empowerment, and promote social inclusion through the arts and crafts, all of which we practice.


 Time-Honoured Arts

DeKulture symbolises the symbiotic relationship between the globalisation of society and its cultural foundations. It serves as a forum for preserving fundamental human values and passing them on to the following generation through time-honoured arts. Our products are designed and composed in such a way that it promotes our way-long traditional beliefs and values through their inclusivity in our everyday-life products. These products, when kept in your homes, will not only give an authentic look but also will provide a platform to you to showcase and promote time-honoured arts. Along with promoting time-honoured arts, it will also keep alive our traditional beliefs and values for generations to come!


Promoting Communities

DeKulture, through its products, promotes communities by being inclusive of traditional art and lifestyle. Our products are reflections of traditional and historic communities, thereby making them more authentic. By focusing on performance orientation, artistic collaborations, and upskilling of the artists, we become more inclusive of the traditional communities. The enormous cultural history of India is being preserved and promoted by our efforts to offer craftsmen and artists alternate forms of financial support. We promote cultural variety, ensure personal empowerment, and promote social inclusion through the arts and crafts, all of which we practise.


All the products supplied by dekulture are sustainable and eco-friendly since we believe in the promotion of a healthy and eco-friendly environment. These products are recycled and most importantly, are earth friendly! The earth-friendly approach is achieved through the use of recycled and biodegradable materials. These products being sustainable makes them more durable and long-lasting. Since these products are sustainable, they make you feel connected to your roots and Earth as well. dekulture strives to practice sustainability and well-being of our "traditions, livelihoods and nature. Celebrate the New!” It stands for environmental kindness in a sustained way.