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Craft Stories

Embark on a journey into India's rich cultural tapestry with our exquisite craft collection. Experience the enchanting artistry of hand-hammered copper and brassware, where each piece narrates a tale of skilled craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Indian paintings, letting the ancient melodies of idiophones captivate your soul.

Explore the intricate textiles and captivating designs of Namda toys and recycled iron figurines. From authentic musical instruments to vintage vehicles, each item holds a concealed narrative, waiting to be unveiled. Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of Himalayan wool apparel, adorn your style with handcrafted jewelry, and elevate your space with unique objects d'art.

Discover the untold stories and embrace the diverse beauty of India's craftsmanship—an undiscovered world awaiting your appreciation.


Step into a world where molten brass transforms into captivating jewelry. Our secret weapon? Metal Die Casting, a technique where liquid metal is injected into molds, creating intricate designs with stunning detail. Unlike traditional methods, die casting allows for precise replication, ensuring each piece retains its complexity and beauty. While the initial design comes from the mold, our skilled artisans don't stop there. They meticulously manipulate and forge the metal, adding personal touches and ensuring each piece reflects your unique style. The result? Brass jewelry that's both sophisticated and personal, a testament to the fusion of modern technology and artistic skill.


Silver Masterpieces

Experience the magic of Hand Hammering, a time-honored technique that breathes life into silver jewelry. With each precise strike of the hammer against the anvil, our artisans create captivating textures. Forget the sterile smoothness of mass production - here, you'll find hammered, dimpled, or faceted surfaces that add depth and character. The beauty of hand-hammered silver lies in its imperfections. Each piece tells a story of the artisan's touch, resulting in a one-of-a-kind treasure. Let the unique patterns and textures speak to your soul, and embrace the captivating character that only hand-hammered silver can offer.



Unveil the artistry of Threadcraft, where pearls are more than just beads; they become part of a wearable poem. Our artisans meticulously select each element, considering size, shape, and color to create compositions that resonate with your soul. Gone are the days of simple stringing - Threadcraft involves intricate knotting techniques and delicate spacers, ensuring perfect balance and harmony in every creation. Threadcraft empowers you to express your individuality through meticulously crafted pearl jewelry. Whether it's a classic strand or a modern design, each piece celebrates the beauty and elegance of pearls and other exquisite materials. Immerse yourself in the infinite possibilities and let your unique style shine through these enchanting creations.


World of Rough Diamond Jewels   

Embark on a journey where rough diamonds are transformed into breathtaking necklaces. Our artisans begin by meticulously sourcing the finest rough diamonds, ensuring their brilliance and potential. Through a series of precise cuts, grinds, and polishes, they unveil the hidden allure of each diamond, unlocking its captivating sparkle. Once the diamonds are brought to life, our artisans carefully secure them within intricate settings. This ensures their natural beauty shines through, resulting in stunning and timeless necklaces that will be cherished for generations. Experience the enchantment and sophistication of Rough Diamond Necklaces, where the essence of raw beauty is refined to perfection, celebrating the eternal allure of diamonds in every radiant piece.



Indulge in the vibrant artistry of Enamelling, a technique that transforms metal into a mesmerizing symphony of colors. Our artisans utilize powdered glass in a range of hues, meticulously applying them to the metal surface. Heat then works its magic, fusing the glass with the metal to create a smooth and lustrous finish that radiates with life. Enameling allows for the creation of intricate and eye-catching designs. Each piece becomes a true work of wearable art, where a kaleidoscope of colors dances across the metal canvas. This vibrant jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate bold statements and a touch of artistic flair.



Imagine a world where nature's bounty transforms into dazzling jewelry. This is Jaipur's semi-precious gemstone collection, where each piece is a symphony of color and light. Skilled artisans travel far and wide to source the finest gemstones, each with unique hues and captivating potential. Through meticulous cutting, grinding, and polishing, they unlock the hidden fire within, revealing the gemstone's brilliance. Just like a master artist needs a canvas, our gemstones require the perfect setting. Our artisans meticulously craft intricate settings that enhance the gem's natural beauty, creating a harmonious balance. Owning a piece of Jaipur's semi-precious gemstone jewelry is more than adornment; it's a connection to a rich heritage.Explore the vast spectrum of colors, from fiery garnets to calming aquamarines, and discover a gemstone that speaks to your soul.