Handmade Darbuka
Handmade Darbuka
Handmade Darbuka

Handmade Darbuka

Rs. 29,526.25
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Size & Weight

Length: 10.00 Width: 10.00 Height 18.50 Centimeter | 2.19 Kilograms

Care Instructions

To clean, use dry fabric.

Handmade Darbuka

Handmade Darbuka

Rs. 29,526.25
Product description
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL & PERFECT SIZE: Made of hammered pure brass sheet and a drumhead made of clean goatskin measures, 10x18.5(DH).
  • CLASSIC DESIGN & MANY USES: Handcrafted in India, this stunning Goblet drum is a single-hand Membranophone, it produces warm and open tones along with clean, crisp, and high slaps.
  • HANDCRAFTED, DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: This sustainable brass drum is handcrafted. This hand-carved Art Treasure Bell lasts forever with normal care.
  • SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT: This product supports, empowers, and preserves the rare culture of Drum Making in India
  • ASSURANCE, AUTHENTICITY & SAFETY: Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured. To be sure of authenticity, we recommend you to buy this product from the De Kulture Works brand only. Made in India, this brand new drum is safe for children.
Craft Type & Story

Discover some of the most exquisite and ancient Indian musical instruments. Our antique range of instruments consists of Kamaycha, Sarangi, and Surando while our authentic range includes Rawanhatta, Been, Jodiya Pava, Dhadh, Manjeera, Morchang, Deru, Damru, and Thali. They are a delight to not just people who create music, but also to the ones who appreciate it.
The antique instruments are almost on the verge of extinction due to lack of artisans or unavailability of raw materials. Only a handful of artisans is left in India who are still making them. Therefore, they are being procured and restored in cooperation with regional communities and not being reproduced further. Thus, they are almost never sold in retail markets anywhere on the planet. We, however, can reproduce authentic instruments from our range repeatedly as a few craftsmen are still alive.
Indigenous musical instruments from India are impeccable pieces. One can treasure them or gift them as a souvenir. We ensure design, production, and delivery of these handcrafted artifacts. The package includes a booklet consisting of the history, significance, and technicalities of the instrument.