We, at De Kulture Works, produce, market and sell everyday lifestyle products that are amalgamated with the most exquisite Indian crafts. Handcrafted by Indian artisans, De Kulture Works design and make contemporary things of arts using Indian traditional techniques. Made with remarkable workmanship, we design limited edition handmade Quilts, Bed Covers, Bowls, Platters, Trays, T-Lights, Floaters, Coasters, Glasses, Bottles, Mats, Bells, Wall Hangings, Figurines, Stoles, Bags, Toys, Easy-Playing Instruments, Diaries and much more for the international market. 

We invite international franchise, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to stock, market and sell our merchandise from Home Decor Shops, Furnishing Stores, Art and Painting Shops, Museum Shops, Galleries, Apparel Stores, Accessories Stores, Musical Instrument Shops, Stationery Shops, Airport Retail Shops, Handmade Product Stores, Boutiques, Gift Shops and Online Stores that sells handcrafted products. We have specific interests in the following regions: 

South Africa, Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Angola, Algeria, Namibia, and Mauritius Qatar/UAE/Turkey/Saudi Arabia
China/Hong Kong
Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunie
Australia/New Zealand

If interested, please contact us at with the following information about your establishment:

a. Experience in retail business, understanding of handmade products, network with local stores etc. in your country.

b. Availability of warehousing space and office infrastructure with you.

c. Estimate of Minimum capital investment possible for procurement of inventory, marketing, and selling in your country.

d. Status of Registration of your Company, Tax Identification Number etc. in your country.