Our Story

Founded in 2005, DeKulture represents a symbiotic relation between the cultural roots of our
society and advancement of the world. It is a platform to uphold essential human values and
pass them on to the next generation through time-honoured arts. We endorse long established
performing arts and crafts that are invaluable to society through the promotion of artists and
their communities in creative ways. We strive to provide craftsmen and artists an alternative
means of support, thereby preserving the vast cultural heritage of India. We profess and use arts
and crafts as means for social inclusion, promotion of cultural diversity and securing empowerment at individual level.

Brand philosophy

DeKulture is a luxurious goods company that stands for innovation, social inclusion, and
environmental kindness in a sustained way.

Handcrafted in India, our products are designed to celebrate the beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature. An alternative to conventional luxury, our bespoke objects are made with an infusion of time-honoured arts and creative intervention. Redefininglifestyle and the well-being of people are at the core of our value system.

Inspired by an evolving Indian spirit, we revive authentic crafts and empower artisans to produce essentials for everyday use. DeKulture strives to practice sustainability and well-being of our"traditions, livelihoods and nature. Celebrate the New!”


Inspired by nature, DeKulture is a lifestyle brand that stands for product innovation, social inclusion,
environmental kindness, and technological advancement in a sustained and aligned manner.

Why Us

Unconditional commitment to Artists, Craftsmen, and Local Communities practising Crafts and Music for the last 15 years.

Products designed and made for international lifestyles using traditional skills of India.

Product Innovation through Original Designs, Handmade, and Utilitarian Objects.

Recycled and Earth Friendly products.

Infusion of art in Everyday things in our lives.

Specializes in Product Designing of multiple categories: Home Decor | Gifts | Tableware | Kitchenware | Stationery | Apparels | Accessories | Instruments

Strengths Artistic direction | Research | Event management | Logistics and on-site presentation | Marketing | Administration

Proficient in manufacturing Experiential and Handmade products and services.

Upskilling of Artisans through developing local craft practices.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

>> 15 Years of experience in the field of Music, Arts and Crafts sector.
>> Product Innovation to uplift living standards of people.
>> Handmade, and Utilitarian Objects for modern lifestyles.
Earth Friendly approach through use of Recycled and Biodegradable materials.
>> Alternative means of support to craftsmen, thereby preserving the vast cultural heritage of
>> Performance orientation, Artistic collaborations and upskilling of the artists.
>> Deployment of path-breaking technologies in designing.
>> Ensuring the highest standards in branding, marketing, and promotion.
>> In House Design- We specialize in researching and designing our products in-house. Our
inspiration for developing products is derived from nature and rare craftsmanship of India. We
ensure product designs and quality that resonate with ever growing expectations of
cosmopolitan customers.