Valentines Days

by Divyaraj Singh on Feb 02, 2023

Valentines Days
February is the month of the heart, red, and pink, and love. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th, but the excitement and spirit begin weeks before. It is a day when you have the opportunity to express your love and affection to people who are close to you in your life. It becomes a time and occasion to give gifts that convey love,and colour plays an important role during Valentine’s Day.

On this occasion, shops and malls offer a plethora of options. What can make that huge difference is to give – handmade gifts.

Doesn’t that sound so much more personal and interesting? A handmade gift when received is not only valued more but like it’s often said it’s the thought behind it that always lingers and is remembered for a long-long time.

We at dekulture are here to give you some great, fun filled products to make your Valentine’s Day all the more special, that are memorable and convey so much more.

Felt/ Namda Toys: These cute and colourful wool felted animals are perfect as toys, decor, or even for cats! Made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials, you can be assured of the safety of these toys for the little ones that you care about. This needle felted figure is environmentally kind. Our collection includes little-felt friends in vibrant animal figures such as sheep, horse, goat, reindeer and much more. These adorable miniatures make the perfect gift!

Handmade Books: When everyday commodities are fused with art, it makes them more appreciated, cared for, and enjoyable to use. This is the driving thought behind our novel collection of hand-crafted stationery products.  A special keepsake for your thoughts, plans & ideas, this collection of exquisite Pocket Diaries has been crafted by skilled artisans from India. Its professional make will enhance your planning and writing experience. These products are Earth-friendly and are a perfect gifting item for your valentine.

Vintage Hand Quilted Bags:  Using the oldest form of Indian embroidery, these pieces are intricately hand quilted using 6-7 patched fabric layers by countryside women from eastern Indian states. This limited edition collection includes Laptop Case, iPad Sleeve, Toiletry Bag, Mobile Cover, Haversack Bags. These vintage Personal lifestyle accessories and Home Furnishing range come in multi color and distressed look. One of a kind merchandise, this collection truly marks a flair for style and substance of its user.

Handwoven Himachal Pashmina Stole: Made from 100% pure and light Pashmina wool yarn of Himalayas. These are the signature of high style and sophisticated discernment. This luxurious and warm adornment makes you feel like a Royalty while you enjoy the chill. It is Perfect apparel for casual wear, office wear, party wear or evening wear. A premium designer scarf for women or men, this piece is an amalgamation of tradition and art. This bespoke apparel of hand-woven embroidery is a reflection of Himalayan splendor.

"As we end this blog, we want to remind you of the beautiful dekulture merchandise available for purchase. Not only are the handmade gifts priceless, but they also create memories that will last a lifetime. We encourage everyone to consider giving a handmade gift this Valentine's Day and who knows, it may even strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day."